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Singh, S, Sharma, B. N. and Vanualailai, J. (2006) An interactive window for multi-agent simulations, in Proceedings of the 2006 New Zealand Mathematics Colloquium, Hamilton, New Zealand.

This paper presents an interactive window to illustrate collision avoidance schemes for mobile car-like multi-agents. In general, these multi-agents are required to traverse their paths amongst fixed and moving obstacles in a fully known workspace and reach their respective destinations with predefined postures. This problem is addressed for a group of car-like vehicles within a potential field framework. We use the programming concept of multi-threading to enable parallel execution, whereby each autonomous entity will derive its independent self-governing control scheme to find a feasible trajectory. The effectiveness of the avoidance schemes and the interactive window are shown via a few fabricated situations.

keywords: {Lyapunov, point-stability, autonomous, obstacle-avoidance.}

URL: NZMC2006 Conference Website (Archived)

Society URL: https://nzmathsoc.org.nz/colloquia.php